Welcome to Horizons Educare Ltd, meet our staff


  • Allison Leather
  • Katie Allen
  • Gerald Williams
  • Joanne Williams

Katie Allen
(Responsible Individual)


Amy Jones
(Manager Mountain View)


Emma Roberts
(Manager Beacons View)


Stephen Powell
(Manager Rosehill Lodge)


Richard Bland
(The Responsible Individual’s Quality Assurance and Training Officer)


Allyn Thomas
(Manager Woodland Lodge)


Lucy Matthews
(Manager Woodland Lodge)


Morgan Hodges
(Aditional Support Team)

Operations Manager: Luke Cole

Home Managers: Bryn Lodge and Gail Summerhayes

Mountain View: Luke Cole and Amy Jones

Beacons View: Emma Roberts and Andy Smith

Rosehill Lodge: Stephen Powell

Brooklands Lodge: Richard Bland

Woodland Lodge: Allyn Thomas and Lucy Matthews

All places at Horizons Educare are offered on the basis of an assessment to identify the young person’s needs and our capacity to meet those needs. Most young people placed at our homes will have experienced previous placements in foster homes or children’s homes prior to admission. Young people referred to Horizons Educare may have experienced some social, emotional and/or behavioural problems. They may also have a history of offending, self-harming or sexual exploitation. Certain young people may have experienced abusive situations and may be deemed to be at risk of physical and /or emotional harm.

We recognise that certain of the young people we work with may be at different stages of emotional and physical development, regardless of their age. During the assessment process we establish each young person’s functioning age, abilities and interests so that we can then provide age appropriate activities and experiences. We will always aim to provide differentiation in experiences that is appropriate to the age and ability of each young person.

At Horizons Educare each child will have an individual bedroom, with an area for seated study. Young people will be encouraged to personalise their bedrooms.

Our Aims and Philosophy

Young people who will be placed in our homes may have experienced significant trauma and neglect. Our young people may encounter difficulties with social interaction, high anxiety, low self- esteem and communication. Those children in our care with a diagnosis of developmental disorder will often have sensory needs and struggle to make sense of the world around them. For some young people their coping mechanisms have meant they place themselves at risk and need support to develop safe risk management. When a child is placed with us they can expect an environment designed to optimise their wellbeing, it is inviting,spacious and has a caring staff team. We carefully consider the young person’s starting point and what each homecan offer as a responsive setting. We offer a minimum of 1:1 staffing levels per child and this level will only reduce in order to better meet the needs of a child, for example to enable some free time in the community or on unsupervised contact.


Everything we do at Horizons Educare is centred on the young person and we will:

  • Offer therapeutic care
  • Have consistent, skilled staff teams trained in ‘Social Learning Theory’ and ‘Attachment focussed interventions’ and where appropriate positive behavioural support (PBS).
  • Provide a safe and stimulating environment in which each young person can grow and be supported with their personal development
  • Promote equality and opportunity for each young person
  • Provide a keyworker for each child
  • Promote social inclusion and risk reduction in the community and at home
  • Achieve positive outcomes for all the young people in our care and education provisions

The day-to-day functioning of each home is co-ordinated and overseen by the home manager and their team.

Horizons EduCare Educational Provision Guide 2018


Our Approach

Horizons Educare, situated in the Ynystawe area of Swansea, is a privately managed specialist children’s home and independent school run by a highly trained, professional, experienced and pro-active team. Our leadership and staff teams are fully committed to the pursuit of excellence and best practice.

We are registered as an Independent Specialist School with Welsh Government and are subject to all legislation in relation to this, including Annual Monitoring Reports conducted by ESTYN.

Our Provision

The pupils and young people placed with Horizons EduCare will have faced significant Adverse Childhood Experiences which has led on to the development of complex social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. These will have emerged from experiences of abuse and/or rejection from their families, disruption caused by multiple placement and school moves, self-injurious activities, risk taking behaviours and behaviours that challenge the boundaries of their home, community and society in general. The school offers personalised learning programmes of education tailored to the complex needs of each young person placed with us.

Our Model

Our aim is to enable all of our children and young people to develop as fully as possible by aquring the skills, knowledge, understanding and attitudes, including personal, social and emotional skills, to enable them to be able to function in society successfully.

We will assist our students in coming to terms with difficult areas of their lives, consolidate areas in which they function well, begin to view education as a positive rewarding experience and, where possible, facilitate the achievement of recognised educational qualifications to aid their transition from Horizons to their next educational provision, special school, unit, mainstream school or post 16 provider.

Our short term aims are to enable our pupils to:

  • Re-engage with the education and their learning
  • Provide a nurturing and stable environemnt
  • Reduce the frequency and intensity of any challenging behaviours
  • Develop our pupils’ functional skills
  • Provide opportunities for community participation and social integration

Curriculum Pathway

Each pupil/student has an Individual Curriculum Pathway which is informed by our suite of initial assessments. These assessments will highlight what is important for the child/young person to progress and develop to enable them to successfully transition from Horizons EduCare

The curriculum is delivered in six Areas of Learning which are:

  • Expressive Arts
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Humanities
  • Languages, Literacy and Communication
  • Mathematics and Numeracy
  • Science and Technology

Whilst it is important for our pupils to experience a broad curriculum, we also recognise that strong functional skills are key to their development. These Areas of Learning are therefore underpinned by the Basic Skills of Literacy, Numeracy and Digital Competence.

“The school focuses well on developing pupils’ Literacy and Numeracy
skills” ESTYN – 2017

Enrichment Curriculum

We also deliver an Enrichment Curriculum which is designed to support the more “formal” curriculum and helps our pupils to apply their skills in a wide range of environments. It is also designed to meet the objectives identified in their Transition/Exit Plan. Each young person will have a voice in developing their Enrichment Curriculum and will be tailored to meet their needs and interests, ones which will hopefully enable them to become successful members of society. The Enrichment Curriculum currently includes; College links – Motor Mechanics, Horticulture, Building and Construction, Hairdressing and Barbering, Agriculture, Animal Care and Equine, Art and Design, IT and Computing, training Provider links, Site Safety qualifications, Duke of Edinburgh, Enterprise, Forest Schools, Work Experience, Photography. Where we do not currently provide opportunities in areas of interest to our young people we will strive to seek them out.

“The curriculum provides valuable opportunities for pupils to practice
and develop their social skills in the community” ESTYN 2017


Where possible the school will also facilitate the achievement of recognised external qualifications which range from Entry Level to Level Two. The qualifications we currently offer are:

  • GCSE
  • GCSE Entry Level
  • ASDAN Short Courses
  • BTEC
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • ASDAN Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards
  • ASDAN Transitional Challenge

Whilst the above list of qualifications is quite extensive we will always seek to add any that are relevant to the needs and interests of our students.

Curriculum Interventions

As each pupil progresses through their placement at Horizons EduCare their needs will change and therefore our approach will also evolve. To ensure we meet our target of developing functional skills, we offer the following Curriculum Interventions for accelerated progress:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Speech and Language
  • Communication
  • Emotional Literacy
  • Occupational Health Programmes
  • Careers guidance
  • Sex and Relationship Education
  • Talking therapies