Post – Admission

This policy is in line with the Independent School Standards (Revised January 2015)
Regulations under the Regulation and Inspection of Social Care (Wales) Act 201

We will ensure that a post – admission review (initial review) takes place usually within 2 weeks in line with the therapeutic assessment.

This meeting will endorse the placement and agree the details of individual support plans. This ad-mission review will ensure that all parents/carers and professionals are informed by up to date de-tailed baseline assessment.

Horizons Educare School will ensure when admitting a child/young person that prior to the end of the post – admission period (6 weeks) they have identified and completed:

  • The identification of any additional special educational needs that the school is equipped to cater for
  • Base line information and assessment details to be presented in the post – admission review
  • Information stating what needs to be in place to support a child/young person in the placement
  • An induction process for a new child/young person
  • A package that identifies the resources and expertise required to meet the changing/developing needs of the child/young person’s individual needs.

A Therapeutic intervention assessment indicating any necessary interventions needed to support the child/young person will be completed within the initial 6 week assessment.