Pre – Admission

This policy is in line with the Independent School Standards (Revised January 2015)
Regulations under the Regulation and Inspection of Social Care (Wales) Act 201

We will publish a copy of our latest Statement of Purpose on our website for reference by par-ents/carers and other stakeholders; and make paper copies of the information available on request without charge to parents/carers.

Horizons Educare works in partnership with local authority personnel and requires that all necessary documentation is provided in a timely manner, in order to ensure an informed decision can be made about meeting the needs of a child/young person. The documents required are:

(a) Current Statement of Special Educational Needs (SSEN); (Wales) / Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) (England; for out of county admission provision)
(b) Most recent annual review/key educational progress data as appropriate
(c) A chronology of the child’s life to date
(d) Current/most recent care plan
(e) Current/most recent behaviour management plan(s) and risk assessment(s) and personal han-dling plan (if available)
(f) Any additional assessments
(g) Any additional professional reports (e.g. SALT, psychology, psychiatry, paediatrics, occupational therapy, YOT, TAITH, CAMHS etc.)
(h) Parental/ carer submissions.

We will ensure that the special educational needs outlined in the child/young person’s Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)/Statement of Special Educational Needs (SSEN) or other records can be met within Horizons Educare.

Home managers will complete an Impact Assessment, Matching Grid, Initial assessment document with support from the admissions panel and seeking external input as per regulatory requirements. The potential child will be supported to complete an initial ‘Personal Care Plan’. We will ensure that an individual risk assessment, positive handling plan and behaviour support plan is generated prior to admission as part of Horizons Educare Personal placement plan. An initial therapeutic behaviour support plan will be put in place for a 2 week duration, allowing sufficient time to assess and plan for transition into a positive therapeutic support plan in line with Horizons Educare model of behaviour support.

Horizons Educare has established a systematic approach for maintaining admission records, in line with current legislation. We will ensure that all relevant documentation (contracts, permissions, medical information and consent etc.) have been signed by the appropriate parent/carer/local au-thority representative prior to admission or following admission of the child or young person.

It is expected that contractual arrangements between Horizons Educare and the placing authority funding agreements are approved before the admission of any child/young person.

  • Our setting name, postal address, telephone number and website address;
  • A named contact person;
  • Education roll, age range, primary or secondary, mixed or single sex, day residential;
  • Any specialism catered for (e.g. SEBD/Learning Difficulties etc.);
  • A description of our admissions procedure
  • A children’s guide to the provision