Statement and Vision

This policy is in line with the Independent School Standards (Revised January 2015)
To Regulations under the Regulation and Inspection of Social Care (Wales) Act 2016

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The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all settings, within Horizons Educare are able to meet the individual needs of the children and young people who are admitted.

Horizons Educare will:

  • Ensure that all settings within Horizons Educare that offer education can facilitate the special edu-cational and social, emotional and behavioural needs of referred children and young people at the point of admission.
  • Ensure that each individual referral is dealt with efficiently and within the required timescales.
  • Provide a transparent process for the referral of prospective children and young people.
  • Ensure each setting has a structured and supportive admission and induction procedure for new children and young people.
  • Have an established admissions team.

When considering placing a child we undertake an ‘Impact assessment’, ‘Initial Placement Assessment’, devise a ‘Personal Care Plan’ and ‘Risk Assessment’ and ‘Positive Handling Plan’ for each child. We assess compatibility with other residents using a risk profile ‘Placement Matching Grid’ and obtain the views of current children and staff.

General admission is only made following this assessment. This documentation includes consultation with any potential child’s multi -disciplinary team, the admissions panel, the referring authority, significant family members (if appropriate) and the child themselves.

Upon placement we recognise that the young people we work with are at different stages of emotional and physical development, regardless of their age. During the two week assessment process we establish each child’s: functioning age, academic level, levels of anxiety and depression, abilities and interests. We can then provide appropriate activities and experiences.The admissions team will then monitor placement progression as an additional check to the home managers monitoring and the oversight of the responsible individual. The home manager and their team will ensure effective updating of a personal care plan including risk assessment, outcomes planning, activity planning and behaviour management, with the help of the Health and Wellbeing team. A multi -disciplinary case review will be created and will present relevant up to date information regarding the child’s progress within Horizons Educare.Once the young person has settled into their home we will continue to match against other residents and assess our ability to best meet their needs.

It is preferred that placements at our homes are planned. Emergency placements will be considered only after an initial ‘Impact Assessment’ has been undertaken, a further assessment will be undertaken by the admissions team within 7 days of emergency placement. In this case the referring authority will be required to provide as much information as possible about the young person in order to inform our decision.