Work for Us

We endeavour to recruit a balanced workforce that encompasses gender, age, ethnicity, religion, disability and cultures.

The number of staff on duty at each home is always informed by the specific and assessed needs of each individual young person.

Care support staff and senior support staff work from 08:00-22:00 during term time in the week or between 08:00-22:30 on weekends and in holidays. Each child is supported with a dedicated staff member on a minimum 1:1 basis unless this is not in their best interests. At night the support levels reduce to a staff member completing a waking night and another staff member sleeping onsite, per home as a minimum. This ratio will increase if required by care plans or risk assessments.

The home manager supports the home between 09:00-17:00 and at other times as they deem necessary. The home manger and their senior team will undertake the running of the home, supporting the ethos of Horizons Educare by ‘building brighter futures for our children’.

The deputy managers work on shift to lead by example whilst also working in the office to develop their managerial skills.

Senior staff lead shifts and are expected to complete a comprehensive ‘Handover’ every day. Half an hour is set aside for Handover using the given template where the children’s previous day and their needs are discussed.
The senior will lead good practices and undertake compliance checks such as checking the finances are correct, medication is correct, cleaning schedule undertaken, children’s planners in place,visual check of home environment before starting their shift.

An on-call system is in place so that if a staff member is unwell another core member of staff is available to do the required shift. This greatly diminishes the need to use agency staff who are often unknown to the children.
A senior support worker or the home manager can be contacted for advice and assistance in the event of an incident or emergency and an on call staff member will attend the home as required during the 24 hours they are on call.

Care team members can have additional responsibilities as keyworkers for individual children. Keyworkers are a valuable link person between the young person, their families (if appropriate) and all parties involved in the young person’s care and education. Key workers build a good rapport with the young people and seek ensure they have a voice whilst offering guidance and support on a regular basis. Keyworkers will highlight any achievements and help resolve any issues for the children. Keyworkers or the manager act as a link person regarding health and education and will attend the relevant meetings and liaise with the professionals involved with the young person.

All care staff are supported through monthly 1:1 professional supervision sessions (fortnightly for new staff during their probationary period) probation periods and a three monthly development review. The review process reflects on performance throughout the year in order to ensure continual personal development as well as assessing competence and setting objectives. Staff complete ‘Personal Development Plans’ and have significant opportunities for career progression. Excellent care is recognised during team meetings and rewarded. Low sickness rate is also rewarded. Care support staff receive competitive wages and a yearly bonus of £1000 for providing high levels of quality support to children.


Qualifications and Training

The care staff team at each home are led by the manager who will be registered with Social Care Wales and have the qualification QCF Level 5 Health and Social Care Children and Young People or industry recognised equivalent. Deputy managers have achieved the level 5 QCF Health and Social Care Children and Young People Residential qualification or have level 3 Health and Social Care Children and Young People and be working towards the level 5 qualification. The deputy managers will support the manager and work a shift pattern which includes office hours and shifts working directly with our young people.

There will be three senior support staff per who will undertake shift work. Senior staff will have achieved the QCF Level 3 Health and Social Care Children and Young People Qualification residential or other recognised care leadership qualification. They will also undertake professional development courses such as the, ILM Level 2 leadership course and the Level 5 Health and Social Care Children and Young People Qualification and /or the Positive Behavioural Support BTECH. Our senior staff have good knowledge of managing a staff team and supporting the needs of our young people.

All core support staff receive an intensive ‘Horizons Educare Ltd Induction’ to fully equip them for the challenging and rewarding role before starting to work with the young people.

A yearly training programme is in place to build staff skills and knowledge. This is provided both internally and by external agencies.Additional training opportunities are available through Horizons Educare to develop individual knowledge and skills. Every staff member has a personal development plan to support their progress and goals and this is reviewed every three months.

Training includes: –

  • Child Protection/ Safeguarding
  • Administration of Medication
  • Two week initial training Induction process
  • Life Skills
  • A suite of accredited online training on many aspects of social care
  • Positive Behavioural Support and behaviour management (Internal training and BTECH courses at level 3 and 4)
  • Attachment Theory

Theraplay and PACE (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy)

  • PAMOVA- Physical Intervention reduction and safe holds
  • Fire Safety
  • Food hygiene
  • ILM Level 2 Leadership
  • ILM Level 4 management
  • QCF Level 3 and 5 Health and Social Care Children and Young People
  • Risk Reduction and enabling safe risk taking
  • Care planning
  • Activity Planners -effective use and getting result for young people
  • Horizons Educare -child centred recording and reporting
  • Key working
  • Therapeutic interventions
  • Life story work
  • First Aid

A training matrix for all staff is maintained to track training and ensure compliance with current legislation.

  • We pay industry leading rates of pay
  • We offer all employees a performance related yearly bonus of £1000 and career progression
  • We support our employees to obtain industry recognised qualifications
  • We offer career progression opportunities
  • Fantastic training in our therapeutic model of care
  • Excellent induction and training packages
  • Monthly staff reward schemes
  • Staff pension
  • Statutory sick pay
  • On call payments and sleep in payments additional to basic pay

‘Staff spoke highly of the support they received from the manager and as a team’. (Care Inspectorate Wales October 2018)